Business support, new product and cocktail of the week, What a busy week i've had!

Hi Everyone, I’ve had such a busy week! There is so much to learn when starting a new business, from website design, accounting, photography and so much more, but one of the things I struggle with and am still learning, is marketing and getting traffic to my website. However this week I had Ashley from Two Fat Blokes (TwoFB) come to my rescue and give me loads of tips, He has been so helpful and supportive, I can’t thank him enough (It was his idea for me to start this blog!) the ideas given to me have already made a difference and I look forward to working with TwoFB in the future. TwoFB make bar signs, runners and beer mats and they are amazing and such good quality, you only need to see their reviews, to know you won’t be disappointed if you purchase  from them.

Also this week I have been working on a new product which will be out soon! It is a formula which when added to a flavoured drink (or even water) and with a little  help of a pond pump or helium gas canister and a small bit of equipment which you should be able to make at home for around £20, you can create edible clouds which can be place on, or above a drink (if you use helium, they float and you have to catch them to add to your drink! These are amazing and very magical!)  

Below you will find my cocktail of the week. You can also see this on our facebook group page. This week we are using our cocktail foamer, FoamFusion Miracle Dust to create a fantastic cocktail foam without the need for egg white (egg free cocktail foamer)

Off to do more experimenting now, be back next week

Happy Cocktailing