Cosmic Cloud Dust is here at last! plus Bahama Mama Cocktail

Well it took a little longer that expected! but we wanted to get the new Cosmic Cloud Dust right. We have been doing a lot of tweaks to get it to hold clouds for the longest time possible. If you would like to give it a go you will need an aerating pump (possibly a aerating stone depending on how you want to use it) or a canister of helium. To make clouds you will also need to make a machine (see previous blog post for instructions). It is definitely a way out there cocktail garnish! Next week I will be using it to create a Buzz Button Cocktail Foam, this will make your mouth tingle and enhance the flavours in your cocktail.

This weeks cocktail is a Bahama Mama and it tastes lovely, a must for the summer! Don't forget to buy your FoamFusion Miracle Dust cocktail foam if you love frothy cocktails

Bahama Mama recipe