Instruction Video - How to make a Edible Cloud Machine

Well a strange week for me! I have avoided the dreaded covid for two years, I thought I was somehow immune, but no such luck, I came down with it this week! and not only that, but on friday I lost my taste too, so couldn't create a drink for my group page as I didn't know what it would taste like! 

Instead I have done an instructional video on how to make a edible cloud machine, this can be used alongside our new product, 'Cosmic Cloud Dust' that is coming out mid March. Lets get those cocktails floating!

Below are links to places where you can buy the items needed In the next blog i will break down the instructions adding more detail. Happy Cocktailing!


Here are some links to the items you will need for this project.

Pond Aeration Pump

Food safe silicone

Plastic Tub - Mine was from B&M but they look very similar to these. The smallest of the set should be the correct size but check in store


Glass or Plastic tube (mine was a hurricane candle holder from B&M) You could also try Dunelm or The Range.


Helium tank and glue gun

Hose connector (I got mine from a local pond supply shop)