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How to make an Edible Cloud Machine ( Cosmic Cloud Dust is available in our shop)


 Link to these items or similar ones are at the bottom of the blog.

The tricky part is getting it to stay coiled while the glue cools down. Make sure it fits snugly into the tub, then stop coiling and run some glue across all the rings of tube.


It is not too clear on the photo above, but i have put the glass tube into the tub and I am marking just underneath where it sits, so i know where to put my hole. This still leaves a good amount of space for the liquid.

When using a heated straw to put in a hole, you may have to wiggle it in a circular motion to make the hole big enough for the hose.

Put silicone all around the coil and press into place, keeping the loose end of the hose as tight to the wall of the tub as possible.


Mark on where you want the holes to go, heat up the cocktail stick and quickly pierce the hose. Once you test you will be able to see those that need to be redone. 

I didn't need to cut any excess off my hose as it had already been cut into two pieces, one for the machine and the other for the helium tank. It is better to have it in two sections for ease washing after use.


It is best to start by using water and Cosmic Cloud Dust. Add 2.5g to 200ml of water and mix using a frothing wand or mixer. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes (this is important to allow the ingredients to hydrate and be able to perform their magic) and then slowly pour into the tub, taking care not to let any of the froth on top of the mixture go in to the tub. I use a knife to restrict the flow and keep the froth in the jug. Another tip is to wet the sides of the tube first before turning on the pump.

When using helium you only need to turn the valve on a small amount and press very gently on the black nozzle. You are only letting it seap in gradually. Play with the pressure to get it right. If the liquid starts spitting and not forming bubbles, more liquid needs to be added to the tub.

Most liquids will work with the pond pump as they don't need to float but you will need to experiment with other liquids when using the helium, more powder maybe needed, just add a little at a time. If a juice is thick or has pulp, you will need to strain first and maybe thin it down with a little water. At the moment I have found apple juice works fine with 2.5g per 200ml. I also did a mix of strained fresh orange (100ml) 175ml of water and 25ml vodka and 3g of Cosmic Dust and I have done a mix with 175ml water and 25ml passion fruit syrup and again with 2.5g of Cosmic Cloud Dust. Don't forget to let us know what works for you, so we can share and save on helium gas!

Keeping your machine clean

It is best to rinse out the tube and tube immediately after use, so that juice doesn't get stuck in the tube. You can use hot water. as everything should be heat proof. Occasionally it is a good idea to sterilise with milton or similar food safe product.


Here are some links to the items you will need for this project.

Pond Aeration Pump

Food safe silicone

Plastic Tub - Mine was from B&M but they look very similar to these. The smallest of the set should be the correct size but check in store


Glass or Plastic tube (mine was a hurricane candle holder from B&M) You could also try Dunelm or The Range.


Helium tank and glue gun

Hose connector (I got mine from a local pond supply shop)