This weeks news and St.Patricks Punch Cocktail Recipe

I never thought that when setting up a business the hardest part would be the marketing! It really takes up most of my time and now with social media, everything is so visual and videos and photos take so long to do, especially when its not your forte! Luckily, my daughter gives me a helping hand, she is so much better at it than me!😂

This week though, one of my videos was created by a lovely lady who was at a charity cocktail party I hosted. This lovely group from the Wren Kitchens showroom at Merry Hill, made up mothers day gift boxes for victims of domestic abuse, while I plied them with drinks! the girls loved my cocktail foamer, FoamFusion Miracle Dust and polished off all the cocktails, apologies if the labels are a little askew!  🤪🤣


Thursday was St.Patrick's day so we had to mark the occasion with a special foamy cocktail using FoamFusion Miracle Dust, cocktail foamer. Watch the video for how to make it. 

see you next week for a lovely Mothers Day Cocktail!