Why choose FoamFusion Miracle Dust? - Blog about cocktail foamers and why we use them

This is my first blog! I hope to add a recipe or tip each week. Most will include our products, so you can enjoy your purchase. If you like cocktails with a wow factor you have come to the right place!
Today I thought it was important to talk about our best selling product, FoamFusion Miracle Dust which will give you an amazing cocktail foam for your creations                                                                                                     
Some people will say you don't need a foamer if you shake correctly! This is partly true but you still need to be using an ingredient that will foam i.e. pineapple or egg white. Many people don't like the idea of raw eggs in their drinks and with so many new cocktail recipes out there using egg white, these are a great egg white substitute for cocktails and mocktails.
Cocktail foamers can be added to your shaker to help get a lovely foam without the need for egg white (or with egg white to achieve an even better foam) Some are trade items intended to be used by bars and restaurants and instructions on bottle should be followed.
The best way to use these foamers is to do a reverse dry shake. (Shake with ice, remove ice and shake again then strain into a glass. However, you will still get a foam by just shaking once with ice. They are a must for a luxurious foamy drink.
There aren't that many to choose from on the market at the moment ones that I know of are :-
Ms Better's Miraculous Foamer
Howes Foaming Elixir
and of course our very own 
As far as I'm aware, our foamer is the only one that is in powder form. The advantage of this is that the ingredients are approved in the EU and UK (Many of the liquid ones contain Quillaja Saponaria Extract which is not permitted to be sold to the end user and cannot be added directly to alcohol, so watch out for these by checking the ingredients list, which by law in the UK need to be visible on the packaging and bear this in mind when choosing your cocktail foamer) and it can be used to create foam in many different ways. It can be added to a cocktail shaker with ice (reverse shake), It can also be used with a coffee frothing wand, a pond pump (new clean one obviously!) with a brewers aerating stone (an enormous amount of froth is created this way and can be spooned on to a drink) or product can be added into a cream whipping syphon with your choice of juice and NO2 chargers for a lovely whipped cream style foam that can be piped on to your drink!
This is the most cost effective product on the market that is available to everyone from trade to end user and it is a vegan foamer too!
Coming soon - easy foam cocktails!