FoamFusion Miracle Dust 10g Sample -  (Scoop not included but can be purchased separately)

FoamFusion Miracle Dust 10g Sample - (Scoop not included but can be purchased separately)

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FoamFusion Miracle Dust is an amazing cocktail foamer that is available to everyone from trade bars to home bars and is a vegan friendly cocktail foamer too. It can create many different types of foams, from a traditional cocktail froth found on your Pornstar martinis (made by shaking with ice or using a milk frothing wand) to delicious whipped meringue style foams using a cream whipping syphon. You can also make airy bubbles using a pond pump and food grade aerating stone (New clean one of course!) 

The foam is dense enough to hold a stencil pattern, cocktail topper or other decorations and is a must for leveling up your cocktails, especially if you are like us and don't like the idea of egg whites in your drinks!

It is odourless and tasteless so will not alter the taste of your drinks.

A 10g sample packet will make approximately 25 drinks (based on one scoop per drink). A Scoop is not included with this item but can be purchased separately. Alternatively 2 pinches or 1/4 of a tsp is approximately the same amount. 

 **Product does not contain Quillaja Saponaria Extract, a product often used in other foamers but not permitted to be used directly into alcohol in the UK (Food Standards Agency)**

Gluten-Free, NON-GMO, Suitable for Vegans

Allergens – Pea                                  


Shake all the ingredients well before each use, to make sure you are getting the best cocktail foam possible.

Using ice to create a foam

Add a scoop of Miracle dust (included in packet) to your shaker once all your ingredient are in, make sure you sprinkle carefully to avoid clumps falling in (a good way is to gentle tap the scoop on the inside of the shaker letting the dust fall in to the cup gradually or you could use a sieve). Now add ice, shake and strain or just pour into your glass. For a deeper foam remove the ice after first shake and shake again before pouring into the glass (reverse dry shake) or use only a small amount of ice in the shaker so it dissolves and you can keep shaking. You can increase to 2 scoops if you require a deeper froth.

Using a milk frothing wand

Make your cocktail as normal, add a scoop of FoamFusion Miracle Dust (carefully, as above) and use the wand to froth while in the glass.

Using a cream whipper

Put all the ingredient you want to use in to a jug, straining anything that may leave pulp (eg fruit juices) mix together. Add 4g (based on a 0.5ltr whipping syphon) of FoamFusion Miracle Dust carefully to avoid clumping (gently sprinkle over the surface of the liquid or sieve into mixture, stir into the liquid and leave to stand for 5 minutes.

Add your mixture to the whipper being very careful not to overfill (They should not be filled to the top as there needs to be room for the gas to disperse) there should be a fill mark on the bottle or the instructions should tell you how much liquid to use (usually about half of what the whipper holds).

Tightly screw the top of the syphon to the base.

Add an NO2 charger to the sleeve on screw on to the whipper, you should hear the NO2 flow in to the base.

Shake Vigorously approximately 6 times to disperse. Do not over shake.

Put the canister in the fridge for an hour or so.

Test the foam by turning the canister upside down and pulling the trigger. You may feel it needs an extra charge to make it thicker. You can only use 1 more canister (repeating steps above) DO NOT be tempted to use a third. Wait 5 minutes before testing again.

Store syphon in the fridge until you are ready to use.


For a Even thicker cocktail foam that holds better and can be flamed, try adding 5g - 6g of powder. (based on a 0.5ltr whipping syphon)

* The cocktail foam lasts longer on a drink with a thicker consistency, another way to increase the foam stability is to make the cocktail with a scoop of Miracle Dust as well as adding the whipped foam on top.

* The cocktail foam is also thicker if kept in the fridge overnight or for a good few hours before use.

Using a pump

Make up your drink add FoamFusion Miracle Dust carefully you will need more than usual if you want the bubbles to stay (We use 2-3 scoops), stir/whisk with milk frother and then add aerating stone to your glass and switch on or if you want a different flavour foam to your drink make a separate solution in flavour of your choice, add FoamFusion Miracle Dust carefully then use the pump and scoop off bubbles that are created on to your drink. Add further scoops as required depending on volume of liquid.

You can foam up most liquids as long as they are not oily and alcohol content is below 20% abv (you can water down spirits to enable use). Sugar syrup is also ideal to add to your mixture to help with the flavour of the foam.